Registered Office Address and Virtual Locations

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What is a registered office address?

If you want to establish a Company in the United Kingdom, a registered office address is a must. These addresses can be both physical and virtual.

Firstly, a registered office is an official address where Companies House, HMRC, and other government authorities safely send statutory letters and legal notifications. It is a company’s official registration address that serves as its identity at the Companies House. Generally, it is also where firms should make their statutory records available for public examination.

Is there a distinction between a registered office and a service address?

A limited company’s or LLP’s registered office is its formal address. The location receives correspondence and legal notifications from UK government entities.

Individual directors, LLP members, company secretaries, subscribers, and People with Significant Control are all given a service address (PSC). Also, the government institutions such as Companies House and HMRC distribute personal statutory letters to the individual’s service address.

Virtual Offices and Virtual Locations:

It is common these days that companies and businesses do not have their own addresses. However, there Is no need for them to worry about it since there exists a great solution to this issue. Actually, Virtual Addresses and Offices are the new normal in today’s world.

These are the official location services offered by different Company Formation Agents like Liscard Business Centre. Moreover, these locations can be used to register and operate your businesses in the United Kingdom with minimal costs. All you need to do is to hire the services of a virtual office provider.

Liscard Business Centre

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