Trends about Virtual Offices in UK

Trends about Virtual Offices in UK

Trends about Virtual Offices in UK

We live in a world of data, where analytics and informatics are used to predict the trend of everything. Often, large corporations take critical decisions on the basis of these data-driven recommendations. Let’s take a deeper look at the world of virtual offices through the lens of data.

What does data say about Virtual Offices in the UK? What is the general trend for the Virtual Offices in the UK?

uSamp’s survey about Virtual Office place involved 1000 different professional from different fields and areas. About 65% of these companies said that they allowed their employees to work remotely. This is an encouraging number that is further expected to rise in future. In large companies with more than 500 employees, this number rose to 69%.

Out of these companies, about 27% of the companies had fully remote functions while 47% of the companies operated on a hybrid approach that involved working in office, as well as, remotely.

The pandemic period had a great role in accelerating this transition.

Productivity Factor

Another important factor that will govern the ultimate result of this transition is productivity. It wont be of any use if people work from home and report a decrease in productivity. However, the survey reports suggested that 67% of the respondents suggested that working remotely led to an increase in the productivity. Moreover, 69% of people found it liberating. These are encouraging numbers who suggest that virtual offices are a thing for the future.

How can you hire virtual offices for your companies?

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