Best Cities for Startups in UK – Top 5 Cities for start-ups in UK

best cities for startups in uk

Best Cities for Startups in UK – Top 5 Cities for start-ups in UK

The start-up culture in UK has flourished in recent years. The trends suggest that more and more businesses are starting in UK with encouraging survival rates in the first 5 years of a business. Based on these survival rates, Liscard Business Centre brings you a list of best cities for startups in UK. If you are planning to set up a start-up in England, here is your guide.

  1. Bristol

Bristol has enjoyed a survival rate of 44.36% that makes it the safest place for a start-up.

  1. Brighton and Hove

Brighton is not far behind with a start-up survival rate of 44.13% that puts it on second position on the list.

  1. Leeds

Leeds has a start-up survival rate of 42.88% in the first five years of a business.

  1. Sheffield

Sheffield has a start-up survival rate of 42.66% making it the fourth most safest place for start-ups in UK.

  1. Cardiff

Cardiff is ranked fifth on the list with a start-up survival rate of 42.3%.

  1. Bournemouth

Bournemouth has a survival rate of 42.3% for start-ups.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is globally acknowledged for its popularity among start-ups in UK. It has a start-up survival rate of 42%.

  1. Bolton

Bolton has a start-up survival rate of 42.03%, earning it a spot in the top 10 cities for start-ups in UK.

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