A Statistical Insight into Virtual Offices in UK – Stats about Virtual Offices in UK

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A Statistical Insight into Virtual Offices in UK – Stats about Virtual Offices in UK

A decade ago, no one would have given much weightage to the concept of virtual offices in UK. It didn’t make sense to not go to an office and still get paid. The whole idea of remote working looked like a dream coming true about having paid leaves. However, the fourth industrial revolution, coupled with a booming internet has resulted in this rising trend of virtual offices in UK. The stats about virtual offices in uk can give you the right idea.  Here are some interesting, intriguing, and insightful statistics about virtual offices in UK.

Companies and Employees are more comfortable with virtual offices – Working from home boosts their productivity.

Robert Walters conducted a survey to find out about the impact of lockdown on businesses and professionals, who switched to remote working. 45% of the workers felt that their productivity enhanced as they work from home while 78% of the business owners saw an increase in the overall productivity of their employees. This shows how the world is transitioning to the concept of remote working, which increases  the demand for virtual offices.

So if you are a business owner looking for an increase in the productivity of your business, this is your chance!

Gartner’s observations about the gradual transition to Virtual Offices:

Gartner, Inc polled 317 CFOs and combined the results to predict the trend for the future. The results suggested that about 74% of the managers and Finance Leaders vowed to shift at least 5% of their previously on-site operations to remote working. Going by that trend, a large portion of workforce will be working remotely by 2025. Resultantly, it can be said thatVirtual offices are going to see their boom between 2025 to 2028.

BCG’s Workplace for the Future Survey:

BCG conducted a survey to predict the trends for the future of the workspaces. In that survey, it was predicted that about 37% of the companies are working to shift one-fourth of their workforce to hybrid models.

These hybrid models operate through virtual offices as they can easily transition from remote working to flexible meeting rooms and co-working spaces.

All these facilities are provided by Virtual Offices.

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