What is a Virtual Address in UK?

Virtual address in UK

What is a Virtual Address in UK?

When starting a business, you must make several significant decisions. There are various ways to manage a business, but it all depends on the image you want to project and how open you want to be about it. A common question in this regard is about the official address of your company. Moreover, these days people are taking a keener interest in virtual addresses. However, before proceeding with the discussion, it is important to ask what a virtual address is?

What exactly is a virtual address?

Although it has the term “virtual” in its name, it is a genuine address that exists and takes mail just like any other.

The virtual portion of it is your company, yet it does not operate there. The address serves as a reference point for your company, just like a masking tool. Also, this address is used to register your company with the official authorities like Companies House and HMRC. All official documents are sent and received at the official address of your company. In this case, your virtual address serves as the official address.

A virtual address in UK is particularly useful if you’re based abroad but need a UK address since it allows you to have a UK address without relocating or acquiring property.

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