Should I use my home address to register businesses in UK?

Should I use home address to register businesses in UK?

Should I use my home address to register businesses in UK?

When it comes to registering businesses in the United Kingdom, individuals have a lot of questions.  One of the most prevalent queries and misunderstandings is whether or not to use the home address to register businesses in UK. Should home addresses be used to register businesses in the United Kingdom?

Even if you fully intend to utilize your home office as your base to conduct your own business; the better approach is not to register your private home address as your official Registered Office Address.

Going Public:

The most important reason to think twice about entering your home address is that it will be made public. This implies your private residential address will be placed on Corporations House’s public register of companies. Any member of the public is welcome to look at this registry.

But it’s not only about anybody being able to perform an online search of the register to uncover your home address data. It’s also about giving out your private home address to other firms that wish to bombard you with junk mail and cold calls.

Privacy for the family

You may not want your home address made public for security concerns, depending on your family status.

Making your home address public may expose you to salesmen and cold callers who will add your address to their list of potential sales leads. This may entail a major national corporation scouring the Public Register of Companies for addresses, then filtering them down to their local agents on the ground in different parts of the country.

Cold Callers:

You may expect a significant rise in the number of cold callers arriving at your home. Moreover, you may prepare an ever-growing mound of junk mail, flyers, brochures, and sales pitches accumulating beneath your letterbox every day.

With this being said, you should have separate addresses for your home and your company. You may seek help from Liscard Business Centre in this regard who can offer you the best advice on the matter. Moreover, they can also offer you highly advantageous virtual office services.

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