Legal Requirements for Companies in UK – Things to Consider

Legal Requirements for Companies in UK

Legal Requirements for Companies in UK:

Forming Limited Companies in the UK has great advantages. However, at the same time, there are legal obligations that companies must follow. The legal requirements for  Companies in UK are the following:

Company Director:

There must be at least one director who may manage the affairs of your company. Also, the Company Directors further have responsibilities and obligations imposed by the Companies House.

Annual Returns:

Companies House requires annual returns. Accordingly, you must fill these returns within the deadlines. Generally, This is a record of the company, including director information, the registration office, share capital, and shareholdings, to confirm that Company House’s data are accurate.

Yearly Accounts:

Companies House will receive your yearly accounts. As a consequence, this leads to the submission of your accounts’ details to the Companies House.

HMRC Annual Corporate Tax Returns:

HM Revenue and Customs department requires an annual corporate tax return to be filed (HMRC). This leads to the calculation of corporate tax. Moreover, the deadline to submit the corporate tax is within 9 months of the conclusion of the financial year.

VAT Threshold

If your company’s revenue exceeds the VAT threshold, which was £85,000 by April 2017, you must register for VAT and file quarterly VAT reports online.

Income Taxes:

All firm personnel, including directors, pay income tax and Class 1 NI contributions. In the case of running your company’s salary independently, you regularly submit employees’ payments and deductions to HMRC on or before each paycheck, and then pay HMRC what you owe periodically – On the other hand, small employers are allowed to pay quarterly in exceptional cases.

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