Having a Legal Business Address in UK for your Company

Legal Business Address in UK

Having a Legal Business Address in UK for your Company

There are different procedures and requirements for having a legal address in UK for your business. Liscard Business Centre can assist you with registering your business as a single trader, a limited company, or reforming its corporate structure.

How to start a Private Company in UK?

To start a private company, you must first file the articles of association.  Basically, these articles contain the business strategy as well as the firm’s laws and regulations. The business name, a registered address, the applicant’s personal details, and a list of all shareholders with the number of shares each holds are the minimum legal criteria of the application when registering with LBC.

Legal Requirement for Business Address in United Kingdom:

In the United Kingdom, it is a legal necessity that all businesses be registered at a physical address within the nation. It does not need to be the location where you conduct business, but it must be able to receive mail.

Firstly, a legal address is required for all limited liability companies registered in the United Kingdom. You would not be able to file the articles of organisation without a domiciled address, which is one of the most fundamental legal criteria. There are several advantages to forming your business as a private limited company.

Private Limited Companies

Private limited companies are independent legal entities. As a result, creditors may only access lawfully owned assets by the business rather than the individual who registered it. This independent legal life is a significant benefit that sole traders and partnerships do not have.

As per the 2006 Companies Act, an overseas company wishing to form a business in the United Kingdom will use the Company Formation Process.

What if a company does not have a legal address in the United Kingdom?

It is a common issue faced by new business owners and companies that do not have a legal address in UK. However, the perfect solution to this problem is of having virtual offices in the United Kingdom. At the same time, different agencies and Company Formation Offices offer these virtual address services.

For more details, you may visit Liscard Business Centre.

Liscard Business Centre

Liscard Business Centre is a company formation service that offers different packages for company formation in the UK. Do you want to register your businesses anywhere in UK (that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)? Liscard Business Centre would love to help. We can help you in forming your companies in much shorter periods of time while also saving you considerable sums of money.

Moreover, Registration, Documents Verification, Banking Details, Statements of Association, and Virtual Official Addresses are all managed by Liscard Business Centre.

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