How to Register your Company with HMRC?

How to Register your Company with HMRC?

How to Register your Company with HMRC?

When you set up a new Company in the United Kingdom, you need to register your company with Companies House for Company Formation. In addition to that, you also need to register your Company for tax payments.  This registration is through HMRC. To register your Company with HMRC, follow these basic steps.

How to register your Company with HMRC for Corporation Tax?

Firstly, you sign into your business Tax account to register for Corporation Tax.

To sign in, you will use the Government Gateway user ID for your Company and the password for your ID.

In case, you have not created the Government Gateway User ID, you can create one when you sign in.

It is important to mention that if you face any problems with the sign-in process, please do not worry. There are different options and tabs to help you with the most frequently occurring issues in the sign-in process.

After signing in, you will use your unique 10-digit Taxpayer Reference. The commonly used term for it is UTR, Unique Taxpayer Reference. HMRC posts this UTR, Unique Taxpayer Reference, after 14 days of your Company’s incorporation (Company Formation or Registration).

 What details do you need to provide to HMRC?

Many Companies find it confusing to submit details to the HMRC. Basically, you will provide the following details to HMRC:

  • The official registration number of your Company
  • The date when your business started Operations
  • And
  • The date for your annual accounts

Based on the submitted details, HMRC will give you the official deadline to submit your taxes.

Once you have registered your Company with HMRC through this process, you must file the Company Tax Return.

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