How much does it cost to register a new company in the UK?

How much does it cost to register a new company in the UK?

How much does it cost to register a new company in the UK?

The first step to starting and setting up a company in UK is registering it with the official Registrar Companies House. People have their dreams of setting up their companies in UK, and with all those dreams, they have all sorts of confusion and questions. Among these questions, the very basic question is how much does it cost to register a company in UK?

The registration process is an easy and simple one. Different Expert Company Formation agencies and agents can help you with the registration process. However, the costs of registration depend upon the type of company that you are registering.

Online Registration of Company in UK

In the online method of registering a company in UK, the fee is only 12 pounds. Accordingly, this fee is payable through a credit or debit card. However, not all companies can be registered through the online registration method, as this mode of company registration has its own limitations.

This payment is for a limited Company.

Registering a company in UK by Post

This method is used especially when you do not want the phrase “limited” in your company name. The costs depend upon your type of company.

Unlimited Company

For an unlimited Company, you need to pay a fee of 20 pounds for registration.

If you are registering as a sole trader, there will be no registration fee at all. However, this offer is applicable to sole traders only.

Private or Public Company

For a private or public Company’s registration, the fee stands at 40 pounds.


Similarly, A limited liability partnership company can be registered for a 10 to 100 pounds fee depending upon the method that suits you.

Limited Partnerships

Just like other companies, a limited partnership Company’s registration costs about 20 – 100 pounds depending upon your method of registration.

The 100 GBPs fee is for the same-day registration of your company. So, if you want to save time and register your company on the same very day, you may pay the extra few pounds.

Cumulative Sum

In addition to these fees, often other documentation-related charges can take the cumulative sum of Company Formation in the UK to hundreds of Pounds.

Registering through Expert Company Registration Agents:

The Expert Company Registration services like  Liscard Business Services can often minimize or optimize the company registration expenses for you while also accelerating the process and making it a lot easier for you. Their packages start from the basic fees of a few pounds or dollars and you can choose from them depending on your needs.