Different Ways to Register Companies in the UK

Different Ways to Register Companies in the UK

What are different ways to Register Companies in the UK?

One common issue that people face when starting a new company in the UK is that they are confused about the method of registering a new company in the UK. They know that Companies House is the official Registrar for new companies in UK. But there are different ways to even register with the Companies House. Each method involves different protocols and offers certain advantages.Similarly, there exists this question of “which is the best method to register company a with Companies House?”.

Companies House:

Companies   House requires you to provide details and official documents about your company during the registration process. Following that, it incorporates your company in the official database of companies in the UK. However, there are different ways to approach the registration process. It is the same process, but there are different ways to carry it out.

Following are the Different Ways to Register Companies in the UK:

Registering Your Company Online:

You can register online through the official website of Companies House. You need to open the Companies House website and apply for your company registration. It takes about 24 hours for the registration of your company after submission. During the process, you have to fill in all forms and provide all documents and attachments yourself.

Registering Your Company by Post

Registering your company by post in the UK is helpful, especially if you do not want to include the word “limited” in your company name. A Paper form IN01 (available on the website) is used for registration by post. This form costs 40 pounds for a paper application for a private or public company. On the other hand, the fee is 20 pounds for an unlimited company. The applications are sent to the official address on the form via post. It takes about 8-10 days for incorporation by Companies House.

Registering through Company Formation Agents

These are expert agents who specialize in the company formation process and help you out by managing your applications, forms, and submissions. These company formation agents deal with the company formation process on a daily basis and hence, manage the whole process perfectly.

You may make any mistakes in the process, but these trusted Company Formation Agents can help you with their near-perfect services.

This method remains the best method for registering a company in the UK, as it has minimal costs and offers great results. Among Company Formation agents, Liscard Business Services specialize in offering Company Formation Services