What are Corporation Tax Reliefs in UK?

Corporation Tax reliefs in UK

What are Corporation Tax Reliefs in UK?

Limited Companies registered with Companies house pay Corporation Tax to HMRC in the UK. This article will tell you about some helpful Corporation Tax Reliefs in UK.

Basically, this Tax is about 19% of their annual profits. However, there are certain tax reliefs and allowances that can reduce the overall value of the tax returns. This makes companies and businesses wonder “What are Corporation Tax Reliefs in the United Kingdom?”The following Corporation Tax Reliefs can be availed depending upon your Company’s eligibility:

Research and Development Relief

Generally, the Companies that work on innovative projects in the fields of science and technology are eligible for the Research and Development Relief. You may visit the official website of UK Government to check if you are eligible for the relief or not.

The Patent Box

Patented Inventions and Innovative incorporations can help you save in taxes through the Patent Box. This discount on the corporation tax is only allowed on the profits earned from patented inventions. If you have any patented innovative inventions, you may push you case forward for the Patent Box.

Creative Industry Tax Reliefs

If your company operates in the Creative Industry, the claim for Creative Industry Tax relief can be made. This results in larger deductions from Tax payments and offers your greater profits.

Disincorporation Relief

The disincorporation Tax relief is applicable and allowed on the transfer of the company assets to the shareholders. This means that the disposal of the assets to the shareholders can occur without any additional taxes.

Goodwill and Relevant Assets Relief:

The UK Law allows the companies to avail some relief on the assets of Goodwill and Relevant Assets. However, These reliefs are applicable only on particular purchases.

Trading Losses:

This relief can often be greatly helpful for companies and businesses, as it covers their trading losses. Moreover, these also cover the losses caused by sales or disposal of assets. For further details, you may visit the official website of the United Kingdom government that guides you about this particular form of relief.

Moreover, If you are looking to form a limited company in the United Kingdom, you must be aware of these reliefs that your limited Companies can avail of under the UK laws.

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