Company Formation in the UK – Procedure, Information, and Details

Company Formation in UK

Company Formation in the UK is one of the easier tasks during your entrepreneurial journey. However, inexperienced people trying to make new companies in the UK often find it difficult because of the lack of knowledge of the subject. They are unaware of the steps involved in Company Formation. As a result, their company formation process takes a lot of time. Here is your guide that covers the important steps and documents involved in the process of Company Formation in the UK.

What is Company Formation?

Company Formation is the process of registering your Company as a legally functional and permitted Company in the UK. Basically, this process is the official acknowledgment and incorporation of your new company in the United Kingdom’s registrations of Companies. Mainly, you have to register with Companies House, the official government agency for Company Registration in the UK.

What is the process of registering with Companies House?

You can register your company with Companies House in the following three ways:


You can visit the Companies House official website, fill in your details and follow the process to form your company in the UK


You can register your company through Post. These applications take 8-10 days.

Using a Company Formation agent in the UK

This, by far, is the most convenient process for establishing a new limited company in the United Kingdom. You can hire the services of these expert Company Formation agents in the UK like Liscard Business Services, who offer cheap and affordable packages for company formation and incorporation in the UK. Moreover, these companies have experts who handle the process with perfection and can accomplish it within as little as 3-6 working hours.

Information you need to Form and Register Your Company in the UK

The documentation process is the most important part of Company Formation in the UK, as the registrar judges your company on the basis of the details submitted by you. Secondly, during the company incorporation process, your details and documents are verified and authenticated. Following that, your company is registered with the Companies House.

On Different official forms and documents, you will submit the following details:

  • Potential Company Name:
  • Registered Official Address
  • Details of Company’s Director
  • Details of Shareholders/Subscribers
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • PSC(Person with Significant Control) Details
  • Statement of Capital and Initial shareholdings
  • Statement of Guarantee
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code

Additionally, a detailed guide of all these documents is covered in a separate article on “How to register your Company in the UK?”

It is important to mention that any mistakes or failure to report these documents and details may lead to delay or failure in the Company Formation process. That’s why hiring the services of an Expert Companies Formation Agent like Liscard Business Services is a safer and more reliable option because they can take care of all these aspects.