Company Formation in the UK for Foreigners

Company Formation in the UK for Foreigners

Registering a Company in the UK as a Foreigner – Company Formation in the UK for Foreigners

The United Kingdom holds immense potential for New Company formation. People want to set up new companies and businesses in England for which they need to register their companies in the United Kingdom. The process of company formation in the United Kingdom for foreigners involves various stages, steps, and permissions.

All such details are covered in the following text while also answering different questions that foreigners have about registering and establishing a company in England and UK.

Can a foreigner/Non-UK resident form a Company in the UK?

The United Kingdom’s laws permit foreigners to set up a Company in the UK, as long as they are following the required protocols, which are the same for UK residents and foreigners. More importantly, you do not necessarily need to be a citizen of the United Kingdom. In short, You can form, set up, and even operate a company from a foreign location.

To set up the Company, you would need the following details.

Official Process Guide:

Companies House:

To Form a Company in the UK, you need to register it with the Companies House, which is the official registrar for Company Formation in England. Any UK Citizen and non-citizen can register a company with Companies House. Moreover, the process can be carried out online, through the post, or by hiring an Expert Companies Formation Agency like Liscard Business Services.

The documentation process is an important step and involves some complexities. Generally,  you provide the following details for registration:

  • Potential Company Name:
  • Registered Official Address
  • Details of Company’s Director
  • Details of Shareholders/Subscribers
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • PSC(Person with Significant Control) Details
  • Statement of Capital and Initial shareholdings
  • Statement of Guarantee
  • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) Code

In addition to these, for a non-resident, the registration with the Tax department and HMRC are important.

Complete details about the registration process have been separately covered on our website, which you can visit. There are some questions and differences for the foreigners.

Registered Official Address:

The Companies must have registered office addresses that are based in England. Therefore, these addresses cannot be of any foreign location. You need to have the occupancy of some locations in the UK for registering your Company with the Companies House. Another convenient method is to hire the services of Company Formation Agencies, who can provide you with the locations to register your companies as part of their service.

Directors and Share Holders:

There are no obligations on them. As a result, everything remains the same as a UK resident’s Company. Similarly, the residents and shareholders can belong to any place in the world, and there are no compulsions on them to be based in the UK.

Statements and Important Documents:

You can manage all these documents while being in your respective foreign country. But, it is better to take help from an expert agency like Liscard Business Services that may assign you an agent to prepare and manage all your documents and take you through the Company Registration Process in the UK.