Checklist for Company Formation in UK – All you need to Check


Checklist for Company Formation in UK

Company Formation in the UK is a simple and convenient process. Yet, the issues can creep in, especially if the applicants miss something. That’s why Liscard Business Centre has prepared this checklist to guide you through all the steps and documents required for Company Formation in the UK. Here is the Checklist for Company Formation in UK.

Before Registering a Company in the UK, make sure to go through this checklist.

Registered Official Address:

A registered office is one that has a physical address.

Companies House requires a registered office address when forming a limited business. Your formal documentation (from HMRC and Companies House) will be mailed to this address, which must be an actual address (not a PO box). Generaly, this registered office address, in particular, is made public and available to marketing agencies and the general public. Many business directors utilize our registered office address service to safeguard their home address while also gaining a distinguished presence in central London.

SIC Code:

SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) codes confirm the Nature of your firm and intended operations. From video production to life insurance to financial management and childcare, SIC codes exist for every form of Company. You’ll be asked to select a SIC code as part of the business creation application procedure.

Information about the Shareholders and Director:

You’ll also have to submit the names and addresses of your shareholders. Moreover, a limited corporation must have at least one shareholder, who may or may not be the director.

Details about the Company Secretary

Many limited firms opt not to hire one, especially if they are comfortable handling company secretary tasks themselves. Generally, you do not require a secretary as a compulsion. If you do decide to hire a company secretary, you will need to give the following information:

  • Name in full
  • Year of birth (must be at least 16 years old)
  • Occupation
  • Nationality
  • Address of residence
  • Address of service

Significant Controlling Individuals

Moreover, you should also mention any other Persons of Significant Control (PSC), except the director, shareholder, or secretary (if applicable).

  • Complete Name
  • Year of birth
  • Location of residence
  • Employment Address
  • Citizenship
  • Control’s Nature (e.g., if the person controls a trust that owns over 25 percent of the shares)

The Requirement for Identification:

AML legislation may force us to ask for picture identification and proof of address. These will be requested and must be supplied as required by law. You can check our identification criteria to discover what forms of identification we accept.

If you have ticked all these, you are on the right way to successfully register your Company in the UK.

Liscard Business Centre

Liscard Business Centre is a company formation service that offers different packages for company formation in the UK. If you want to register your businesses anywhere in the UK (that includes England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), Liscard Business Centre love to help. We can help you in forming your companies in much shorter periods of time while also saving you considerable sums of money.

Moreover, Registration, Documents Verification, Banking Details, Statements of Association, and Official Addresses are all managed by Liscard Business Centre.

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