Banking Rules for Non-Resident companies in the UK

Banking Rules for Non-Resident’s companies in the UK

Banking Rules for Non-Resident companies in the UK

Some people are uncertain about the eligibility of Foreigners to form and establish companies in the UK. They are not aware of the Banking Rules for Non-Resident companies in the UK. The question of “Can Foreigners form companies in the UK?” is pretty common. The simplest answer to the question is that, yes, foreigners can form and register their companies in the UK. However, there are a few things that they need to consider in terms of banking and financial statements.

Can Foreign Bank accounts be used to register and form Companies in the UK?

Yes, according to the rules and regulations, you can use bank accounts in your own locations for registering your company with Companies House. However, foreign bank accounts can often lead to complications in terms of their operations, statements, and timings. Therefore, it is advisable to have a UK-based bank account to register as the official bank of your company.

Why are UK-based bank accounts preferable to form a company in the UK?

There are multiple reasons to encourage you to open bank accounts in the UK before registering your company in the UK. The advantages of using UK-based bank accounts for registering your company include the following:

Smooth Operations:

If you use UK-based bank accounts to register your companies with the Companies House, the whole process of verifying your transactions becomes a lot easier. Moreover, Companies House also finds it easier and less time taking to verify UK-based bank accounts. This results in quicker registration of your company and keeps the whole process very simple and smooth.


With Local Bank accounts, your partners, suppliers, and consumers view your company as credible and reliable. This results in trust-building and can result in long-lasting partnerships, which often prove highly rewarding, as well.

No Time zone clashes:

Immediate processing of the payments is a great favor. With Foreign bank accounts, time zone clashes may result in clashes or delays in transactions. Generally, such delays are not good for the image of businesses. However, with local UK-based bank accounts, the chances of such clashes are minimum.

Account Statements:

Companies House regularly deals with Local Bank accounts and can easily verify your annual account submissions and tax returns. Therefore, your annual submissions are accepted and verified without any inconvenience. On the other hand, this may not be the case with foreign bank accounts.

Based on these factors, it is strongly advised to operate with Local UK-based bank accounts as they can positively influence the future of your Companies in the UK. If you need any help with the formation of your company in the UK, you may reach out to Liscard Business Centre. They may also help you with the registration of Local Addresses for your businesses. Their expert Company Formation agents can also help you in opening Business Bank accounts in the UK.

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