Dave Barnes | Testimonial

Dave Barnes - Video Placeholder

Dave Barnes, Partner of MD Fitout, and a flexible office space tenant at Liscard Business Centre, recently took a moment during the 10 years of Liscard Business Centre get together in the offices. Dave discusses why Liscard Business Centre works for his business and our services suit his business so well;


We’ve been here for about 3 years, we also use the calling service, the girls answer all our calls so we never miss a call basically…  The great thing about Liscard Business Centre is the people, all a great bunch of people. We absolutely love having our business here, it’s helped md fitout grow massively and we look forward to what’s in store for the future here at Liscard Business Centre.

Dave Barnes – MD Fitout

Following on from recent renovations we have several available spaces, more information on these can be found here