How Having A Virtual Office Can Help with Local SEO

Virtual Office Boast Local SEO | Liscard Business Centre

Some will follow a traditional view that without a tangible office, a company isn’t really a company. They will question the logistics of building a physical legacy. Yet in today’s digital world, legacies aren’t built through bricks and mortar, they can be developed and executed from a virtual office. 

In short, a virtual office is your online shopfront. It’s where your company is registered to, online. However, your day to day business activities will likely be from a home office, a shared office space or a small-town headquarters, significantly benefiting your overheads. 

Virtual offices are a great launching point for start-ups or SME’s. There are many benefits to be experienced, from location specific exposure and higher local SEO rankings, to a professional and reputable brand image, all at the fraction of a physical office’s cost. 

Not to mention, a virtual address will give you a foot in the door, helping you compete with your industry leaders. By simply selecting a city centre address, for your virtual office space, you can drastically boost your online and physical name in the market. 

Location specific exposure

Have you always dreamt of a big city office, yet unfortunately, your start-up profits say otherwise? You can overcome this financial challenge by placing yourself firmly in the city centre through a virtual office

Through this move, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your website traffic, across search engines, while targeting location specific searches. For example, you can grab yourself a London based address, via a virtual office, helping your website show up for London based searches. Not to mention, you’ll also gain exposure within your selected region, helping you broaden your reach, all from the comfort of your virtual office. 

A stronger reputation 

If your website is missing from the first page of the search engines, it is likely that your offering will be missed. Many customers or clients will use SEO rankings as proof of reputation or value. 

Your virtual office address can help to increase your local SEO ranking, while increasing the awareness of your brand. Over time, your high rankings will serve you as a front running, competing with both online and tangible companies. 

A central office at the fraction of the price 

As highlighted above, an office at the heart of a city or town can be pricey. Sometimes this investment will be impossible. Yet in other cases, it can be unnecessary. If your business can run from a remote location, you can save your costs by selecting a virtual central based office address.
Initially, avoiding investments may feel strange as a new company. Yet, you’ll have the finances to invest into other important areas of your business, including your website quality, your sales team, your marketing and additional running costs. 

Increased visibility on search engines 

Although your business offering may be tangible, you’ll experience the best results through your online presence. By placing yourself on Google Maps, through a virtual office address, your visibility will increase, your awareness will increase, your engagement will increase, soon turning to action. 

Once you invest into your SEO strategy, by considering factors such as your online location, you’ll soon see the value in your digital offering, while tapping into another customer segment. 

You’ll even have the digits to match 

Through a virtual office, you can even change your phone number and address to circulate across marketing material. There are many mail and call forwarding agencies who specialise in virtual office support services, ready to uphold your position; something which Liscard Business Centre offers. 

In addition to this, most virtual office providers will be able to give you access to a meeting room at the address, in case you want to catch-up with your client in a professional environment.

If you have any questions about improving your Google rankings

All in all, as a new business, opting for a virtual office can benefit your local SEO rankings significantly, along with other areas of your business. You’ll firmly place yourself in your industry, future-proofing your status, your reputation, your credibility and your reliability. 

You’ll have the chance to reach a new demographic of customers and clients, boost your local SEO influence and strengthen your value as a business of choice.

Remember, if you use a home address you can easily be perceived as a one man band when potential customers are searching for your product or service. 

By considering a virtual office, you’ll have the potential to grow your online offering, with greater capabilities of transitioning into a physical, city centre based company. Or even better yet, your business will move with the times, benefitting from our digital era. 

If you are a client of Liscard Business Centre and want to get yourself listed on Google or Bing Maps, then ask a member of the LBC team to put you in touch with Liam from Quirky Digital, he’ll get you set-up for free.